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New Year, New Energy! (Not Cliché)

Happy New Year, Friends!

I have a fantastic feeling about this new year. Not because it's just a new year, or because 2016 is over, but because I have 365 days to be my best self. (Not just a January of resolutions that drop off by February.)

See, 2016 was tough for me, but now, looking back on everything... It was exactly what I needed. 2016 gave me a swift kick in the arse and taught me big lessons about listening to my intuition, following my heart, and living authentically. It taught me, through working an unfulfilling job with a nice paycheck, that I couldn't ignore or be afraid of fulfilling my purpose any longer. It reinforced that life doesn't always go the way I plan or expect, and that I have to be flexible and resolute in order to be successful in my career, love, and passions. It also has re-affirmed that if I get up and act on making my dreams come true, they slowly, but surely, will. (Maybe not in the way that I had planned it, but in an equally wonderful way.) It taught me that starting over is tough. But starting over means that I can rebuild myself to be whatever I want to be, and add on new tools to my belt. I've learned that in the moments where you feel like life has slapped you in the face and all you want to do is cry, you should cry, and THEN you should take a moment to realize how alive you feel and turn that into a new energy for the pivotal changes you are about to make in your life.

And so, after this year of lesson after lesson, I have been grateful to recharge over the holidays and use my new energy to propel me into 2017. All of my plans for 2017 have been floating around in my head for a while now, and I cannot wait to see them come to fruition. And guess what? Some of them involve YOU!

From continuing my healthy dietary choices to training in dance again, and from being active in my immediate community to being active in the international community of change, it's time to live out an authentic, fulfilled and fun 2017.

What do you plan to bring to the new year? Your best self? I think that's a marvelous choice. Cheers!


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