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about me

Writing. Dancing. Directing. Acting. Painting. Designing.
My joy is through creating, and my passion is through connecting with others.

Environmental Advocacy is essential in my "why". 

Seattle. Tokyo. Los Angeles. Shanghai. Atlanta. Hong Kong.

Wanna join?


The start

What started as a love for stories, dancing, and making potions out of the neighbourhood plants has grown into a career as a storyteller, introducing me to loving communities around the world. 

Now I want to help create spaces for others to connect, feel empowered, and be reminded why they deserve to experience joy.

where I'm going

Throughout my life, I've travelled internationally as a professional performer. Now as an artist and creator of immersive experiences, I'm pushing beyond the boundaries of what I’ve been told I can or cannot do.

I think big, and I see things through. I'm excited for the new concepts I will help bring to life. 

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